Weekly Words

The Words will be presented a season at a time with a year from the past being used which most closely matches the Sunday by Sunday progression through the church year. During 2014 we will be using Words which first appeared February 2003 through Pentecost 2003. The date listed on this page below will match the proper words to use on the matching dates in this year's calendar. The date on the top of the words you download will reflect the date of the previous year's use of the words, but the numbered Sunday during a season may not match the church calendar's number for that Sunday.

Individual PDF's are presented to match each week of the current year.

The Words may be printed using the "print" button on the Acrobat reader or you may download the PDF to your computer and print from the saved file. You do not have to print all of the PDF, but may use the "range of pages" option to print only those you need.

Because we are re-using PDF's some typos or other errors may slip by. On occasion, announcements of Words of Blessing activities appear at the top of the page. Ignore them because they refer to activities from 2003.

We thank you for your support in the past and we hope to see you at workshops in the future or hear from you about what Jesus is working in your lives.

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5th Week of Epiphany - February 2, 2014
6th Week of Epiphany - February 9, 2014
7th Week of Epiphany - February 16, 2014
8th Week of Epiphany - February 23, 2014
9th Week of Epiphany - March 2, 2014



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