Our Healing ministry

On the second Thursday of each month, beginning at 7:00pm, our healing team is present in the Holy Cross Chapel to minister to those in the surrounding communities who need healing for physical or spiritual ailments, broken relationships, or memories.

The laying-on of hands and the sacrament of Holy Unction are offered in a prayerful setting with our trained team of healers, most of whom are diplomats of Francis and Judith Macnutt's Christian Healing Ministries. Each evening begins with contemporary music, and continues with a prayer form for the evening with responsive readings, lessons focusing on a healing incident from the Bible, a short homily based on the lesson, and healing prayers.

Then the team members are available for prayer and laying on of hands with individuals and a priest is present to administer the sacrament of healing.

After all gather again, the evening ends with a closing prayer and all are invited to stay for refreshments, conversation, and a time for questions about the ministry.

This ministry is yet another way to show Jesus's love, words, and reality to the world and all are invited to be present with the team each month.



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